802.11 slot time propagation delay

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§ One IEEE 802.11 slot § The time needed for a successful transmission § The time the channel is occupied by a collision.• The Bianchi Model – Skipping all the math. § Collision and transmission time duration: basic access mode or RTS/CTS. Propagation delay.

The slot time for a DSSS PHY (20 ms) is defined as the sum of the receive-transmit turnaround time and the energy-detect time including any propagation delay. Outdoor IEEE 802.11 Cellular Networks: MAC Protocol Design ... network. Recall that 802.11 as well as its extension 802.11b [I99b] and 802.11a [I99a] standards were developed specifically for WLAN with the transmission range up to a few hundred meters in indoor environment. First, the signal propagation delay increases when applying the 802.11 to Lecture 3 - Media Access Control (MAC) Flashcards | Quizlet A station that is ready to send chooses a random number of slots as its wait time. The number of slots in the window changes according to binary exponential backoff strategy. This means it is set to one slot the first time and then doubles each time the station cannot idle channel after DIFS time. LNCS 2928 - Achieving Maximum Throughput and Service ...

802.11 recommends 600ns as the switching time. Speed of light propagation : RF waves travel a distance of 100m in approximately 330ns. Thus, if two devices are 100m apart, then their carrier sensing and notion of slot boundaries may be 330ns apart. Slots must accommodate these delay...

IEEE 802.11 Wireless Access Method and Physical … slots. The length of the slot should be equal to the total of the "es detect time"+"Rx-Tx switching and Tx turn-on time"+"medium propagation delay time". Increase of the switching time will cause a severe effect on the total throughput under high load condition, and will decrease the response time.

WiFi-Nano : Reclaiming WiFi Efciency through 800 ns

Packet Delay Modeling of IEEE 802.11 ... The backoff time counter is decreased in terms of slot time as long as the ... and δ is the propagation delay. Propagation Delay Based Positioning Using IEEE 802.11b Signals Propagation Delay Based Positioning Using ... Signal propagation delays are determined by direct sampling ... j denote the absolute times of arrival at base ... Outdoor IEEE 802.11 Cellular Networks: MAC Protocol Design ... cellular network based on the IEEE 802.11 specification. ... increased signal propagation delay in the outdoor network. ... and the slot time. The other

medium access control (MAC) mechanism in IEEE 802.11 DCF. From studying the propagation delay and clock synchronization differences between terminals, it is concluded that the slight timing differences, effectively a relative jitter, contributes to reducing the probability of collisions after a MAC backoff. This

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