Design of reconfigurable slot antennas

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Frequency Reconfigurable Microstrip Circular Patch Antenna ...

Reconfigurable C and Ku band antenna Using Duelpatch 1ME, Nandha College of Technology, Tamilnadu, India. Abstract -- A reconfigurable C and Ku band patch antenna with C-Slot and dual-patch elements is proposed and studied. It occupies a compact volume of 80× 60× 1.57mm, including the ground plane. The antenna can operate in 4,5,10 and 12 GHz bands. DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF FREQUENCY RECONFIGURABLE ANTENNA ... communications reconfigurable at lower layers of the networking. The major challenge is to design small antennas which can be operated at different number of frequency bands. For this freq uency reconfigurable antennas need to be designed in which frequency can be tuned so, a single antenna can able to operate at d ifferent frequency bands. Design and Development of an Annular Slot Antenna (ASA ... The planar antenna is fabricated on the top side of a Duroid substrate and the microstrip feeding line with the matching network is fabricated on the back side of the board. The design frequency is 5.8 GHz. Pin diodes are used to short the ASA in pre-selected positions along the circumference. Reconfigurable Antennas | Synthesis Lectures on Antennas

Multi slot antennas, reconfigurable, slot antennas, resonant. INTRODUCTION. Multi slot for dual-band antennas are of demand in many wireless applicationsLinda P. B., ‘Design of Reconfigurable Slot Antennas’, IEEE transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Vol. 53, no. 2, pp.645- 654, 2005.

The introduction of a ground slot in a finite antenna ground plane can be further extended to include reconfigurable features. Theory of Characteristic modes application to MIMO Antennas PIFA, Monopole, Slot Antenna, multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO), Theory of characteristic modes (TCM), chassis Poster Numbers

Design of Frequency-Reconfigurable Rectangular Slot Ring Antennas K.C. Gunta NSF Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Packaging of Microwave, Optical, and Digital ...

Reconfigurable Slot Antennas with Circular Polarization Based on the CP design, two reconfigurable slot antennas are then developed. One is a frequency reconfigurable antenna, whose CP operation frequency can ... A Multiband Frequency Reconfigurable Rotated-L Slot Antenna - ispacs and 3.59 GHz. The reconfigurable rotated-T slot antenna for cognitive radio systems is described in [6], in ... The antenna is designed on a Rogers RT/ duriod . Reconfigurable antenna - Wikipedia A reconfigurable antenna is an antenna capable of modifying its frequency and radiation ... Pattern reconfigurable antennas are usually designed using movable /rotatable structures or switchable and reactively-loaded parasitic elements. In the last 10 ... Frequency Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch-Slot Antenna ... - Eprint UTM

Abstract. In this paper, a compact microstrip antenna with multipath interference [5]. On account of its pattern selec- radiation pattern reconfigurable characteristic employing tivity, the PaRA is capable of enhancing system security, …

For a non-reconfigurable design, these may be hard-wired slotline short circuits, but in the reconfigurable design, they are implemented with pin diodes. The short in the slot results in a reformation of the electric field distribution along the slot leading to a shift of the null in the short direction. The CiteSeerX — Design of reconfigurable slot antennas CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Abstract—In this paper the design of a compact, efficient and electronically tunable antenna is presented. A single-fed resonant slot loaded with a series of PIN diode switches constitute the fundamental structure of the antenna. The antenna tuning is realized by changing its effective electrical length, which is ... Reconfigurable Antennas | Synthesis Lectures on Antennas