Slot ported vs round port

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Enclosure & Port Selection, Definitive Guide Should I go ported or sealed? ... What’s a slot port? A square port which uses a wall of the enclosure as part of port. This makes the enclosure stronger (it acts as a brace) and also makes the port shorter. Check in my enclosure building tutorial for a link to a slot port calculator.

So part of what I've heard tell's me that the shelf style port has the potential to muck about with your tuning to a degree that the round port doesn't. This may be due to friction build up in the port itself. So is it that the wood itself is more 'friction prone' than the plastic of the 4" pipe or is it really the square vs round shape. Front vs rear port? | Audioholics Home Theater Forums In this example, the front-mounted slot port doesn't seem to be worth the effort. I expect most speakers to have quieter port resonance, at least 20-25 dB below the mid woofer. If the port is rear-mounted, port resonance should not be heard. Slot Ported Subwoofer Box -

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Sealed Vs Ported Subwoofer Boxes - HiFiSoundconnection Sealed Vs Ported Subwoofer Boxes. ... The port can be in several configurations such as rounded or a slot which is narrower and taller. Each subwoofer will have a ... ported vs. transmission lines - SPL & SQ / Fabrication - SSA ... thank you so much that is what i am thinking. the reason i am worried is it is a sae 1200d v.2 with the decrease x max in the 40 hz region would it require more power i quess the only way to find out is build and test like you say. if not i can find a bigger amp it may not be a sundown thought which will suck love sundown audio.

Port Basics When tuning a ported enclosure, there are two widely used methods implemented. These two methods involve the use of a port, generally made from a simple piece of PVC pipe, or a duct (sometimes called a slot port), which is normally constructed out of the same material the box is made of (normally wood).

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Making a 15" Slot Ported ..6 Jun 2016 - 7 min - Uploaded by CarAudioFabricationWent through some old footage and found I had recorded video of building a custom slot ported .. Martinval Bruc 117 Barcelona +34 931 920 792. ... Slot Port vs. Round Port and modeling 11-15-2011, 11:03 PM Bryan K. Midwest Audio Club Speedster | Sub Attach

Someone built me a sub enclosure for Car ported with a square opening in the middle of the 2 woofers, a router was used on the edges around the port to round them off.The drivers were 12" polyglass focals for home audio. Circle Port to Slotted Port Calculator - Do-it-yourself ...